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Make Sure Your Sound Is Turned ON!
Ready to embark on a linguistic journey that will transform your Italian language skills? Look no further! Join our immersive Italian Conversational Course, designed to give you the ultimate edge in language learning, this program will help you become fluent in Italian faster than you ever thought possible—without any shortcuts or gimmicks! Ready for the challenge?
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About Tanya

Learn with a polyglot! (8+ languages)

Tanya is a highly accomplished language coach who brings an impressive wealth of experience and expertise to her clients. With a remarkable teaching career spanning over 7 years and her knowledge of more than 8 languages, Tanya has developed an intricate understanding of the subtleties of language and its profound impact on effective communication. Her extensive linguistic background empowers her to work effortlessly with individuals from diverse backgrounds, guiding them toward achieving their language-learning aspirations.

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The 4 Obstacles to Effective Communication 

Obstacle 1: Lack of Confidence

It is normal not to feel confident when you start learning a language. That's why at Lingodrops we want our students to start speaking immediately, building their confidence alongside their language skills.
Obstacle 2: Limited Vocabulary

The lack of vocabulary can make you feel less confident and make it difficult for you to communicate clearly. But do not worry! Our Italian language course provides you with a rich array of words enabling you to express yourself with ease.
Obstacle 3: Grammar Hurdles

Our comprehensive curriculum addresses essential grammar concepts, giving you the tools to construct sentences accurately and convey your thoughts effectively in Italian.
Obstacle 4: Lack of Practice

Practice makes perfect! Our Italian Language Course provides ample opportunities for conversational practice, ensuring you develop the skills and confidence needed to engage in dynamic Italian conversations and connect with native speakers.
Ready to overcome these obstacles?

A Message From Tanya

There's no such thing as a good or bad language learner... just a trained or untrained learner


​Learning the Italian language will open the doors to a wonderful world for you. A world made of art, literature, delicious cuisine and an ancient culture.

My experience as a language coach has taught me that it is necessary to follow students throughout their Italian learning path and provide them with an organized and solid structure that can lay the foundations for effective learning

And this is exactly what we do here at Lingodrops!

Here's the great news: you can learn to become a fluent conversationalist in Italian, and it's never too late to start.

Our  conversation course, perfected over years of teaching, enhances the four key elements of conversational fluency:

✅ Speed: Develop the ability to think and respond quickly in Italian conversations, keeping up with the natural flow of dialogue.

✅ Focus: Sharpen your attention to capture nuances and understand the context of every conversation, ensuring meaningful interactions.

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✅ Comprehension: Enhance your understanding of spoken Italian, enabling you to follow discussions effortlessly and respond with clarity.

✅ Retention: Retain new vocabulary, phrases, and grammar structures, reinforcing your language skills for long-term fluency.

Imagine the benefits of learning Italian! Think of the fantastic conversations you could have in Italy! All the people you would meet and especially the possibility to travel in complete autonomy.

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discover our italian conversational course (Desktop Wallpaper).png

This program has transformed the language skills of countless individuals worldwide, including professionals, students, and language enthusiasts. Now, it's your turn to unlock the power of conversational fluency with our Italian Language Course.

 Let's learn Italian! Open the door to a world of connections, cultural experiences and personal growth! You will never regret it 🗣️🌟🇮🇹

With Love, 


Things to Know About the Italian Conversation Course

The use of conversation as a learning method serves to speed up the listening comprehension process, and at the same time to build the student's confidence, working on his pronunciation and the clarity of his speeches.

At the end of each conversation lesson, the student will receive an e-mail summary of all the grammatical elements covered in class, and the list of acquired vocabulary, which he will be asked to study for the next lesson.

The students will be tested during the weeks, to make sure they are committed and to make sure they are learning.

In addition to the grammatical knowledge appropriate to the student's level, through simulations, role-plays, and discussions with peers and the teacher, each student will learn specific vocabulary.

The prices start from 25€\h for the group courses.

At Lingodrops, we value dedication and commitment

Materials Used in the Course


- Worksheets and Texts

-Audio Files and Videos

-Apps and Games

-Books and Newspaper Articles

-Vocabulary Lists

What's Included in the Course

ROLE PLAY - through  role-play the students can put into practice their language knowledge
REAL LIFE SIMULATION - real-life situations and how to solve problems during trips
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DEBATES - debating current topics and articles. This will help the students use advanced vocabulary
TESTS - at the beginning of each lesson, the students will be asked about the vocabulary of the previous lessons, and at the end of each lesson, the teacher will recap all the grammar and vocabulary encountered during the lesson.

You'll be contacted soon!

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