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Start Speaking Italian Today!

Make Sure Your Sound Is Turned ON!

Ready to embark on a linguistic journey that will transform your Italian language skills? Look no further! Join our immersive Italian Conversational Course, a once-a-week Zoom calls with Tanya. Designed to give you the ultimate edge in language learning, this program will help you become fluent in Italian faster than you ever thought possible—without any shortcuts or gimmicks.

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This is Tanya

Learn with a polyglot! (8+ languages)

​Tanya is a highly skilled language coach who brings an impressive wealth of experience and expertise to her clients. With a remarkable teaching career spanning over 7 years and her knowledge of over 8 languages, Tanya has developed an intricate understanding of the subtleties of language and its profound influence on effective communication. Her extensive linguistic background enables her to work effortlessly with different people and guide them in achieving their learning goals.


Do You Experience Any of These 4 Obstacles When Learning Italian? 

 You love Italy and Italians, but somehow you find it very difficult to acquire the language, despite having tried different courses in the past. But what obstacles are holding you back?

The 4 Obstacles for Italian Learners

Obstacle 1:
Lack of Confidence

It is normal not to feel confident when starting to learn a language. This is why at Lingodrops we want our students to start speaking immediately, so that their confidence will build up alongside their language skills.

Obstacle 2:
Limited Vocabulary

The lack of vocabulary might make you feel less confident and make it difficult for you to communicate with clarity. But don't worry! Our Italian Language Course equips you with a rich array of words and phrases, enabling you to engage in meaningful conversations and express yourself with ease.

Obstacle 3:
Grammar Hurdles

Our comprehensive curriculum addresses essential grammar concepts, giving you the tools to construct sentences accurately and convey your thoughts effectively in Italian.

Obstacle 4:
Lack of Practice

Practice makes perfect! Our Italian Language Course provides ample opportunities for conversational practice, ensuring you develop the skills and confidence needed to engage in dynamic Italian conversations and connect with native speakers.

Ready to overcome these obstacles?

A Message From Tanya

There's no such thing as a good or bad language learner... just a trained or untrained learner.

Learning the Italian language will open the doors to a wonderful world,  a world made of art, literature, delicious cuisine and ancient culture.

Traditional education may have focused on WHAT to learn, but we're here to teach you HOW to learn Italian effectively.

My experience as a language coach has taught me that it is necessary to follow students throughout their Italian learning path and provide them with an organized and solid structure that can lay the foundations for effective learning.

Here's the great news: you can learn to become a fluent conversationalist in Italian, and it's never too late to start.

Our conversation course, perfected over years of teaching, enhances the four key elements of conversational fluency:

✅ Speed: Develop the ability to think and respond quickly in Italian conversations, keeping up with the natural flow of dialogue.

✅ Focus: Sharpen your attention to capture nuances and understand the context of every conversation, ensuring meaningful interactions.

✅ Comprehension: Enhance your understanding of spoken Italian, enabling you to follow discussions effortlessly and respond with clarity.

✅ Retention: Retain new vocabulary, phrases, and grammar structures, reinforcing your language skills for long-term fluency.

Our Italian language course guarantees you to express yourself in this language immediately, through conversations with your classmates that become more difficult and specific as your level rises.

This program has transformed the language skills of countless individuals worldwide, including professionals, students, and language enthusiasts. Now, it's your turn to unlock the power of conversational fluency with our Italian Language Course.

Are you up for the challenge? It's finally time to give the Italian language a chance! Open the door to a world of connections, cultural experiences and personal growth! You will never regret it 🗣️🌟🇮🇹

With Love,


Our Clients Say

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