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Italian vocabulary for phone calls

When it comes to communicating with others over the phone in Italian, there are certain phrases and terms that you should know to make the conversation smoother and more efficient: this Italian vocabulary for phone calls will help you speak like a native!

In terms of the type of phone, you can specify whether you mean a mobile phone or a landline phone. A mobile phone is called a "cellulare" while a landline phone is referred to as a "telefono fisso".

When you pick up the phone, you say: ''Pronto?''

To call someone, you can use the verb "chiamare", for example, "Chiamo Marco ogni giorno" means "I call Marco every day" or the verb "telefonare a", as in "Devo telefonare al mio capo domani" ("I have to call my boss tomorrow") interchangeably.

When it comes to sending a message, you may use "mandare un messaggio". For example, you could say "Non posso parlare, puoi mandarmi un messaggio?" if you're cannot speak at the moment and want to person to leave a message.

To leave a message instead, you can use the phrase "lasciare un messaggio". For instance, you could say "Posso lasciare un messaggio per il sig. Rossi?" if you want to leave a message for Mr. Rossi.

If someone asks you to call them back, you can use the phrase "richiamare". For example, "Mi può richiamare dopo le due?" translates to "Can you call me back after 2 pm?"

If you want to put the phone on speaker, you can say "mettere il telefono in vivavoce". For instance, "Posso mettere il telefono in vivavoce così che tutti possano ascoltare?" means "Can I put the phone on speaker so that everyone can listen in?"

Finally, if the person you're calling is busy, you'll hear a busy signal. This is indicated by the Italian term "occupato". So, if you call someone and their line is busy, you might say "Ci provo più tardi, mi da sempre occupato" ("I'll try again later, it's always busy").

Incorporating these phrases into your conversations will make your exchanges with Italians much smoother and more efficient.


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