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Why Do So Many Language People Fail To Learn A Language?

Updated: May 9

Every year, people spend thousands of dollars on language courses that promise to make them fluent in a new language. Unfortunately, most of these courses turn out to be inefficient and a huge waste of money. In fact, it's estimated that over $15 billion is wasted every year on inefficient language courses.

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Learning a new language is an exciting endeavor that opens up many possibilities, both personal and professional. Despite the desire to become bilingual, many learners struggle to achieve fluency, often resulting in frustration, discouragement, and failure. According to recent statistics, 80% of language learners abandon their studies due to specific reasons. Here are some of the most common reasons why people fail to learn a new language and how Lingodrops can be an effective solution to overcome these challenges.

Reason #1 why you fail to learn a language- Lack of Time

One of the main reasons people fail to learn a language is due to lack of time. Work, family, and personal obligations often take priority, making it challenging to find sufficient time to practice and learn a new language. A recent study found that 43% of language learners leave because they can't commit to a regular schedule.

Reason #2 why you fail to learn a language- Not Enough Motivation

Another common reason people fail to learn a language is a lack of motivation. Language learning can be a challenging and mentally demanding task, which can lead to loss of interest and motivation over time, with less than 15% of people that starting courses.

" 80% of language learners give up."

Reason #3 why you fail to learn a language- Failure to practice regularly

Language learning requires consistent and frequent practice, especially when it comes to vocabulary and grammar. Neglecting practice sessions quickly results in wasted efforts and slow progression, with over 51% of learners reporting a lack of progress and becoming discouraged.

Reason #4 -why you fail to learn a language- Inefficient teaching methods

Language teachers, both in traditional classroom settings and online courses, often struggle to create immersive and engaging learning experiences, leading to struggles with the application and understanding of what is being taught, with 46% of language learners citing this issue as a barrier to effectively learning a new language.

How does Lingodrops make the difference?

Lingodrops creates a fun, engaging, and interactive learning experience for students. Our teachers focus on your specific interests and goals, creating customized learning experience that make learning engaging and motivating.


With Lingodrops, students can practice regularly, with regular reminders and exercises to help you reinforce your skills, reviewing and practicing grammar, vocabulary and pronounciation. Our method allows you to practice what you know and can build upon it over time.


With Lingodrops, students have access to expert teachers that focus on customized learning that adapts to each student's level of proficiency, interests and goals. Our unique learning method and personalized approach ensures that you'll be absorbing concepts in a way that makes sense to you.

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Language learning is a rewarding experience that requires time, effort, and motivation. For those looking for an efficient solution to overcoming these language-learning struggles, look no further than Lingodrops. With our experts and our personalized approach, students can realize their full potential, build a strong foundation, and become fluent in their chosen language.

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