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Spanish Language and Culture

Welcome to Lingodrops!
Have a look at our options for the Spanish Language.

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-1-on-1 or GROUP

Do you have a busy schedule and need flexibility?

Consider our personalized Italian private lessons.  Discuss your goals with the tutor and they will design the perfect program!

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Do you have time and would love to join a structured program and meet like-minded people?

Then you should choose from our current course options!

Materials Used in the Course


- Worksheets and Texts

-Audio Files and Videos

-Apps and Games

-Books and Newspaper Articles

-Vocabulary Lists

What's Included in the Course

ROLE PLAY - through  role-play the students can put into practice their language knowledge
REAL LIFE SIMULATION - real-life situations and how to solve problems during trips
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DEBATES - debating current topics and articles. This will help the students use advanced vocabulary
TESTS - at the beginning of each lesson, the students will be asked about the vocabulary of the previous lessons, and at the end of each lesson, the teacher will recap all the grammar and vocabulary encountered during the lesson.

What our clients say:

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‘’Great teacher with a great passion for languages who will get the best out of you to learn a language. Very inspiring!’’

Frans Godschalk, Senior Political Advisor


For our students who want to learn the Spanish language with a personalized approach, we offer our private lessons. The private training sessions are designed according to the student’s needs, and the program starts whenever they need it.
We will provide all the necessary study material, and before booking, the tutor will interview each student and design a plan catering to the individual’s goals and needs.

This flexibility is perfect for people who do not have time to join a course, have a busy schedule, or have less availability to attend regular classes. Moreover, in order to maximize your success, we are able to adjust the schedule weekly according to your needs!

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How does it work?



In this phase, we'll have a 15-minute conversation to get to know you and discuss your language goals!



We will assess your level and goals, and create a personalized strategic plan to help you define and achieve your language goals!


It's time to start working! Let's achieve all of your language goals together. Your success is our success!


Premium language course, tailor-made to your needs.

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Intercultural communication training always included.

Every language course includes a module dedicated to culture. We specialize in intercultural relations,  business etiquette, and cultural awareness. Our country-specific sessions are tailored to each client’s needs and foster open-mindedness and mutual understanding

Our tutors use our own material that has been developed in years of research and experience. That is because we value quality and effectiveness. 

Our lessons are interactive and engaging and are studied to keep the students’ focus high, even after a long day of work.


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It's time to talk!

We will get back to you shortly to schedule a 15-minutes call.

Great! You are on your way to success.

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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